The political risks of targeted mortgage subsidies

As the political climate worsened after the January 25, 2011 revolution, Egypt’s long-standing structural challenges-including high public debt, poorly targeted subsidies. are concerned about.

And it makes little sense for the Bank to warn about climate risk on the one hand, while privileging high-carbon sectors on the other. Tony says that action on climate change should amount to "a.

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Previous tariffs targeted specific countries, such as China, or included exemptions for close allies, as Bush’s did. Trump says his tariffs will apply to all countries. Further, Trump’s use of a national security law to implement the tariffs is extremely unusual,

The report suggests a target of 2030 for ending the sale of petrol. we must find ways not only to limit and mitigate the risks of physical changes; but also to make political ones. The kind of long.

In other cases, consumption subsidies may be targeted at a specific group of users, such as large utilities, residential home-owners, and others. Subsidies due to the effect of debt guarantees. Another form of subsidy is due to the practice of a government guaranteeing a lender payment if a particular borrower defaults.

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Subsidies are inefficient when supply is inelastic (i.e. can not respond to demand) and only drive up prices Choice of subsidy limited when supply is constrained: e.g., vouchers, credit linked subsidies do not work In turn, supply subsidies often set rigid & high standards, e.g. progressive housing or infill not approved

Adaptation is one of the main methods of managing political risks. Which of the following is a type of adaptation that allows an international business to assist the host country or region in improving the quality of life for locals? A. Development assistance B.

Political Risks of global business confiscation: the most severe political risk, is the seizing of a company’s assets without payment Expropriation: is where the government seizes an investment, but some reimbursement for the assets is made; often the expropriated investment is nationalized to become a government run entity

In my experience in political risk covering africa. government mass programmes, subsidies and free things have failed to.