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There may be a number of fees charged on different features of a home loan, including: Application fees (also called establishment fee) Property valuation fees. Ongoing fees such as annual fees. Late payment fee (also called default fee) (if you make a required repayment later than the due date)

Should you get a 30-year mortgage or a 15-year mortgage? Here we go over the pros and cons of each so you can make an informed decision. Shopping for a new home can be fun. I’ve been looking for a.

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CU Loans* will take some details on you and the loan you want and then find if there’s a credit union you’re eligible for, and your loan will be processed through that credit union. You can borrow between 1,500 and 15,000 for between one and five years.

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Compare cheap home loans. SpecialSpecial discounted rate for new owner occupier, principal and interest loans of $75k+. IMB transaction account must be opened with this loan. SpecialReduced rate special on Premier standard variable home loan for new to bank borrowings of $50,000 or more.

Payday loans may be legitimate, but they can come with incredibly high interest rates sometimes reaching over 1000% – which could make even a small loan turn into a debt spiral. Learn more with our guide to payday loans.

The best way to get a cheap loan is to have good credit. If lenders believe that you’re likely to repay as agreed-on time and at the predetermined amount-they’ll offer better rates and more options. This can seem unfair if your credit has taken a hit because you were struggling financially at one point.