5 States with High Foreclosures

In CoreLogic’s latest report reflecting March data, the following five states posted the highest foreclosure inventories (as a percentage of all mortgaged homes): Florida: 9.7 percent; New Jersey: 7.3 percent; New York: 5 percent; Maine: 4.4 percent; Illinois: 4.4 percent; Meanwhile, the five states with the lowest foreclosure inventories were:

 · Experian reveals the 5 states with the lowest foreclosure rates.. New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland have some of the highest foreclosure rates in the country, with as much as 1.

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5 States With the Most Home Foreclosures These five states lead the pack when it comes to home foreclosures.. high-quality lenders that have proven themselves to be bastions of safety and profit.

judicial review of foreclosures imposes large costs with few, if any, offsetting benefits.. judicial foreclosure state, the lender must petition the court, which then.. timeline costs among states in Period 5 is shown in Figure 5, from a low of about.

Counter to the national trend, 15 states and the District of Columbia posted a year-over-year increase in foreclosure starts in 2016, including Delaware (up 37 percent); Connecticut (up 35 percent); Maine (up 30 percent); rhode island (up 26 percent); Arizona (up 15 percent); and Massachusetts (up 12 percent).

the tri-state area is still plagued by residential foreclosures. New Jersey and Delaware continue to be the states with the highest foreclosure rates, while Atlantic City, Trenton and Philadelphia top.

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Top 5 states with the most and least foreclosures. Click below for the five states with the lowest number of foreclosures, and the states with the highest foreclosure inventory as a percentage.

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 · Those states are Florida, Arizona, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Oregon and Nevada. 1. florida. florida may be your best bet if you are looking to buy a distressed property. The Sunshine State has the highest foreclosure rate in the country at 7.9% and around 3.64% of all mortgage debt is delinquent past 90 days.

We look at the 10 worst states for foreclosures during September, counting down to the state with the highest rate. If you’re in the market to buy a home, check out today’s lowest mortgage rates .

5 States With the Highest Foreclosure Rates 5 – Illinois. 4 – Connecticut. 3 – Maryland. 2 – New Jersey. 1 – Delaware.